If you're ready to completely BEAUTIFY your Instagram & NEVER stress over how to edit your pictures again, you're going to love...


The struggle is real! 

You know that getting attention on Instagram is harder than ever and you really need that WOW Effect in your feed if you want to see higher engagement.

For the past 3 years I have worked incredibly hard to create the presets that...

  • Transform my pictures into works of art (bought by international press such as Time magazine)
  • Give my feed that consistent look that's irresistible to new followers
  • Make my audience more engaged, and that's more likes, more comments and shares!

I'll show you how to do JUST THAT - keep reading!  


My Best-Selling Lightroom Presets + EXCLUSIVE BONUSES, that will...

  • Beautify your Instagram Feed. Get an eye pleasing effect with gorgeous colour tones that will make your Instagram stand out from the crowd. Finally your pictures will spark that magic feel! 
  • Take the stress out of trying to get consistent edit for your feed. Never again wonder why your picture did not turn out the way you wanted. 
  • Edit pictures INSTANTLY on the go. These presets work with free Lightroom mobile app so that you can edit on your phone in less than a minute.
  • Make it easier than ever! Your pictures will be ready to post with edit you desire in just 1 click.

You will get 16 base presets plus 4 sun flare effects for each base preset which means... 

80 presets for just €59

OCEAN'S BLUES This pack is all about dreamy turquoise tones. Give your beach and pool pics that paradise feel! Perfect for the ocean, underwater or even drone photography. Bonus: sun effect!

 See the before and after!


JUNGLE GREENS This pack is all about deep green hues. Perfect for nature shots and landscapes. Bonus: sun effect!

 See the before and after!


DESERT NUDES This pack is all about natural tones. Ideal for vintage, lifestyle photos that and all sandy locations. Bonus: sun effect!

 See the before and after!


SUNSET PASTELS This pack will help you turn the sky into beautiful pastel colors. Ideal to enhance sunsets with rich pink tones. Bonus: sun effect!

 See the before and after!


SPECIAL SUN EFFECT Upset that you didn't catch the perfect weather? This special effect will help you add sun flare to your pictures so that it's always sunny where you are.

 See the sun flares in action!

Plus a special masterclass on
how to master Lightroom!

I will show you my complete A-Z editing process using desktop version of Lightroom + how to import the presets to mobile app!

I'm a travel and lifestyle blogger and social media influencer of Where Life Is Great vith over 130k followers. I have worked with multiple tourism boards and hotel groups and my photographs are shared across the Internet. I also create content for beauty and fashion brands and travel related consumer goods.  

I was named one of the most influential talents on the Web by the 2018 Influencer Awards Monaco and was a speaker at the International Influencer Conference in Marrakech.

But it was not always like that... I used to spend hours per day editing my pictures and worrying that they don’t share the same “look”. I was constantly wondering if my camera and lens are good enough because the results were not as expected.  


I learned how to edit my pictures and took my photography skills and Instagram to the NEXT level. Now, I’ve compiled all of my most successful edits into a one-click presets for Lightroom!  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lightroom presets? 

Presets are predefined “looks” that when applied to pictures enrich their colors and vibrancy. With just one click you will transform your pictures from meh to magic! These packs wil get you lexactly the same color palette and overall style that I use on my blog and Instagram!  

Why use Lightroom presets?

Lightroom is the most professional tool for photographers. It is quick and easy too! By using presets you save time and effort and you can completely beautify your Instagram in a matter of seconds. 

Will my photos look exactly as yours? 

These are the exact presets I use on my Instagram. Take into account that every photo situation is different, taken at different time of the day or location so you will need to adjust exposure, contrast and temprature. In this way you can have your personalised take on presets :)  

What kind of images are the presets compatible with?

The presets were designed for RAW format but work great with JPEG too.  

What do I need to use these presets?  

These are mobile presets so you just need your mobile phone and a free Lightroom CC app! You might also need an app to unzip the presets pack in case you use iPhone.  

When do I get the presets?  

Immediately! And you can use them forever!  

Help! I can't see te files on my phone!

Depending on your device, preset files may show as blank &/or white (iPhone especially) as this file type is sometimes not recognised. Don’t worry though! It’s completely normal & as soon as you load the files into the Lightroom app, you’ll be able to view them. This will not have any impact on your preset at all.

Are refunds accepted if I am not happy?

Due to the immediate, direct access to all materials we do not offer refunds of any kind.

How many presets will I get?

You will get 16 base presets plus additional 4 sun flare effects for each base preset which means... 80 presets!

My question is not on the list

Your question is not on the list? Just email me at hello@wherelifeisgreat.com I will answer as soon as I can.  

Will you reshare my picture if I use your presets?

Sure! Send before and after of your picture to me at @wherelifeisgreat and I will be more than happy to reshare! Please also use #wherelifeisgreatpresets or tag @wherelifeisgreatpresets


Here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase
My Best-Selling Lightroom Presets Pack:

  • Ocean Blues Presets + sun flare effect (value 59)
  • Jungle Greens Presets + sun flare effect (value 59)
  • Desert Nudes Presets + sun flare effect (value 59)
  • Sunset Pastels Presets + sun flare effect (value 59)
  • BONUS - Lightroom Masterclass (value €49)

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